Great contents are crafted for a specific purpose: brand awareness, lead generation, user conversion, attract old customers, improve search ranking or foster brand image.

Whichever it may be, the key is always to strategize before creating your content. Cogito will help you with that.

Customer Persona – Creating customer personas are important before start writing your content. They are a fictional and generalized representation of your customers helping you to understand them better and develop information fit to their needs, behaviors, and concerns. Cogito Ph will help you create an image of your target market. We will identify their background, demographics and unique identifiers.

Keywords List – Once we already know your market, we will generate a set of keywords that are most likely using over the web. This will help your business drive organic traffic reducing your advertising costs. We will use tools such as Google Adwords to make data-driven recommendations for the best keywords that could represent your product or service.

Content Types – There are various types of content that can be developed relative to the need for your business. There are Blogs, Articles, Whitepapers, Case Studies, Infographics, Photos, Videos, Emails, Visuals, Webinars, Audio and Social Media. Cogito’s content strategy includes identifying the mix of content that could best attract your customers into visiting your site and eventually trying your products or services.

Develop Content Style – As part of fostering your brand, all contents will follow a certain style that matches the image of the company. Content styles could range from formal, academic and scientific to conversational, humorous or satire. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, there is a tone that your customers would most certainly identify with.

Content Calendar – Regular content posting is vital for a successful digital marketing strategy. Not only it entices customer engagement, it also allows a search engine to recognize your site as always being up to date. This is important as Google pays more attention to newly published articles.  Cogito will create a content calendar demonstrating the content topics, keywords, platform and content publishing schedule.

Ready to start your Content Development strategy? Check our standard packages or request for a free quote.

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