Cogito Ph will boost your website’s visibility through organic traffic derived from both technical and content SEO.

Our White Hat service includes:

Title Tag Audit – A thorough review of all web pages’ title tag to ensure main keywords and their variations are in proper place.

Meta Description Audit – Meta descriptions serves as customers’ first introduction to your website. We will review this to assure they are within the 156 character limit and the descriptions really reflect what your website offers.

Heading Tag Audit – Do you optimize the purpose of your headers? Know if your H1, H2 and H3 tags are contributing to your overall website visibility

Content Development – Content is King in the age of Google Panda. Keyword stuffing is long dead; and search engines prefer unique and informative content. Cogito’s well researched and carefully written content will provide meat to your over-all SEO strategy.

Duplicate Content Canonicalisation – It is common to have the same content to be accessed several times, most especially in e-commerce sites. However, if URLs are not consolidated to a single preferred URL, it may be treated as duplicate. This will impact search rankings. We will show you how to effectively canonicalise your URLs.

URL Structure Audit – They way your website’s URLs are structured helps both search engines and users find you. Cogito Ph’s URL audit will help you find out if yours needs a long time revamp.

Crawl Error Reviews – Know how many of your pages are already directing to dead links. We will show you the best way to handle and redirect them

Robotxt File Audit – Do you know that your robotxt.file can make or break the website’s search visibility? We will audit this for you to assure that no pages are blocked from Google crawlers.

Multi-device User Experience Audit – Is your website responsive enough to render to tablets and mobile devices of various sizes? We will provide you a full audit of the user experience in using from various devices.

Pagespeed Audit – How fast or slow does your page low depending on the number of concurrent users? Cogito Ph’s page insight service will provide you a report of your website’s performance together with the suggestions on how to improve it.

Ready to start your SEO? Check our standard packages or request for a free quote.

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