IT Services

Every business needs a reliable technology as its backbone. Cogito Solutions offers design, development, business analysis, and technical writing services.Our experience in IT spans more than more than two decades and our team comprises of agile, lean and innovative and technology forward professionals. Learn More…

IT Services


Business Solutions

You no longer need that bulky old laptop to send SMS campaigns. Do it in the convenience of your mobile phone. Introducing Cogito Mobile Marketer.Set a budget even before you start. That way, you will never have to spend beyond your means. Learn More…

Business Solutions


Content Development

Great contents are crafted for a specific purpose: brand awareness, lead generation, user conversion, attract old customers, improve search ranking or foster brand image.Whichever it may be, the key is always to strategize before creating your content. Cogito Solutions will help you with that. Learn More…

Content Development

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram Marketing – the perfect mix for a Rockstar Social Media Marketing Strategy.Cogito Solutions utilizes Social Media for Lead Generation, Organic Advertising, Paid Advertising, Customer Engagement, Brand Awareness and Recognition and Shoppable Media for a cost-efficient yet effective strategy that will bring more revenue to your business. Learn More…

Social Media Marketing


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