Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram Marketing – the perfect mix for a rockstar social media strategy


More than 1.7 billion people now uses facebook – Cogito Ph’s Facebook strategy is designed to find new customers from this bunch and foster lasting relationships with them.

Our Facebook business strategy includes:

Lead Generation – Leverage Facebook to encourage potential customers to try your product or service. Your advertisements will be crafted by creative copywriters and your target market carefully scoped by our analysts. Cogito Ph will design your branded Lead Generation Forms with clear call to action.

Page Management – Maintaining an active Facebook Page is a must for every business. These help firms foster customer engagement and is a great way for product or service socialization. Its most important aspect – fostering of brand recognition is a must, most especially if your business wants to challenge the incumbents.

Content and Engagement Strategy – Continuously engage customers with relevant content. Our team of creative writers and bloggers can boost your Facebook strategy through content development, curation and publishing of a combination of text, photos, videos and links.

Targeted Advertising – Market place Ads, Page Post Ads, Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts, there are countless ways to do paid Facebook advertisements. However, what sets a good ad from the rest is its capability to relate to a customer need or desire. Cogito can perform targeted advertising coupled with a carefully crafted ad that truly captures the psyche of your market.  Our advertising strategies are made to truly fit your business


There are different ways to craft a successful Twitter campaign. Cogito Ph will craft the perfect digital marketing campaign for your brand to increase site visits, conversion and sales; accelerate follower growth and build an audience; and increase customer engagements through retweets, likes and mentions.

Our Twitter strategy includes:

Organic Advertising – Also known as Tweet Chats, this works by engaging meaningful conversations between like minded users. It is a good opportunity to generate leads, raise awareness and expand your social market reach.

Content and Engagement Strategy – Choosing Twitter as your social media marketing platform allows business to leverage its fast-paced content pushing nature. We will leverage publishing apps like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Buffer to help you reinforce your brand and at the same time stay organized.

Twitter Ads – Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends. We help you identify the best advertising strategy for your business – from campaign goal setting (ex. follower generation, website click , engagements and conversions), down to tweet composition.


Business to business marketing is the core strength of Linked-in. If you are seeking to build connections, foster current relations or acquire new clients, a robust Linked-in strategy can grow your business.

Cogito Ph will utilize Linkedin to create:

Organic Content – LinkedIn organic content refers to your Company Page. As this is the most cost-efficient way to build your brand, we make sure that its sharp, elicits customer interaction and maximizes your visibility. We optimize your Summary Section, Company Information and showcase your top products or services . Cogito Ph will also create unique and relevant content published regularly as this will drive traffic to your site particularly the blogs and promotional offers.

Paid Content – Paid content goes hand-in-hand with organic content, in fact 94% of B2B marketers use this. This strategy enables you to reach the right people and engage them at scale. There are four ways LinkedIn can do this: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Display Ads and Dynamic Ads.

Thought Leadership – Be the go-to-person in your field. Inspire and move your customers. Introduce innovative ideas and turn ideas to reality. Do this by regularly publishing how-to articles, blogs, case studies and white papers. Our team of research analysts can do this for you.

Lead Generation – Company Page followers can easily be converted to customers. Pretty much common sense right; but this is actually challenging. To attract high quality leads and up-front buyers, have a good mix of content, case studies, white papers and ebooks. Cogito Ph’s technical writers can help.


Do you know that Instagram is actually 15 times more efficient in attracting new customers compared to Facebook? The success of this social media platform lies on its visual appeal. Posting actual photos of your business in Instagram demonstrates authenticity and uniqueness – a factor that companies often forget.

Our Instagram strategy consists of:

Content Management – A successful Instagram campaign likes on posting diverse and high quality content consistently. This includes a combination of photos and videos that can be both organic and paid showcasing your product and partners.

Page Optimization – Your Instagram Bio page’s value can be maximized by putting the right information about your business with links driving a call to action. This could be a link going to your website, a page encouraging customers to sign-up to newsletters or contact your via email. The Bio can also be utilized to highlight your

Shoppable Media – Instagram is famous due to its capability to promote Shoppable Media – these are videos, images and other rich media that triggers a purchase. For example, when showcasing your product, put a link to the image directing the user to purchase the exact item on your website. Cogito Ph can help to empower your brand by crafting the perfect mix of content and technology giving you the capability to present products or services at the moment of desire, winning both new and existing customers.

Ready to start your Social Media Marketing? Check our standard packages or request for a free quote.

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